January Buying Club

Buying Club drop for January will occur on the 20th.  See more info here!


2 thoughts on “January Buying Club

  1. I’m really interested in trying out your beef. Will you post here when the next buying club delivery is? I’m in the Tri Cities. Can you also tell me what the fat content is, on average, for your ground beef?
    I see that you will be having chicken available this summer. That is super great news. We used to live on a very small farm and raised and processed our own birds. It was no small task, but sooo worth the effort. We had the whole family working an assembly line. 😊We have since moved to a much smaller property and aren’t able to do that any longer so I am always on the lookout for local, farm raised chicken that’s affordable! I can’t wait to see what you will have to offer!

    • Hi Marcee- our next buying club drop is Feb 17th. We will have the website updated soon with the specifics. Although we have not had our ground beef tested, its pretty lean. We estimate in the 90/10 range.

      That’s great that your family raised chickens- hopefully we can chat about it sometime! We’re excited to get started.

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