USDA Labels & Grass-Fed Beef

Image may contain: food

The USDA called. They want their label back. We’ve been using this ‘grass-fed’ label on our beef for years now but they tell us it’s not fair. We need to pay a third party to confirm that our cows actually eat grass in order to state GRASS-FED on our label. They’re just nuts. If you check the USDA definitions of ‘free range’ poultry, the USDA says FREE RANGE means chickens only need to have “access to the outside” – not to actually BE outside??! Knowing your farmer is WAY BETTER than trusting a USDA label – you’ll know EXACTLY what you’re voting for when purchasing locally as you can speak directly to the owner. So moving forward, we are still a grass-finished operation but we will not pay a person to confirm this in order to get the stamp of approval from the USDA. We’ll be removing the words GRASS-FED on our labels & opting out of this ridiculous USDA game.


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