Some might be surprised to know that all the Neiffers don’t live in this big red barn making roast & biscuits every night for family suppers. Maybe one day we will! But for now we actually function as a family farm remotely & hold down other jobs as well.
Here’s the scoop:
Adam, Lauren, Emma & Hope
*live in Vancouver WA
* owners of Crossfit Fort Vancouver & help with beef sales in the Vancouver/ Portland area – their gym is the drop off location for that area
*Lauren runs a dental office


Duane & Linda
*live in Ione
* hands on work of the farm
*Farmers Markets
*pick up at butcher
* deliveries
*Linda is also a 1st grade school teacher in Ione

*recently accepted a teacher position for our local elementary school! we’re excited to have him around here again!

Jake, Lara, Josh & Luke
*recently (summer 2016) moved to the farm in Lexington – scope of work has increased significantly!

This family pic is courtesy of the great Cheryl Boatman Photography out of Vancouver, WA – THANK YOU Cheryl! Hit her up if you’re thinking about pics in your future.

Our way cool logo was done by Lara’s little brother, the amazing Mike Dalling, lives in Chico, CA with his family & works in San Francisco as an Art Director.


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