Grass-Fed Skin Care

Soap, Lip Balm & Body Balm made from our own grass-fed beef fat.


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The Beef Face I got (unscented) has been amazing and just last night I used it on a diaper rash that's been there for 2 days and it's seriously GONE!!!
Kaylee ( Oregon )
Beef Face is the only product that worked on my granddaughter who is on medication that severely dries her skin and lips. So thankful I have found this product! Now I need to get more.
Donna ( Washington )
With the weather changing, I've been using Beef Face daily. I'm trying to get on top of the dryness before it gets too bad. This stuff is nothing short of miraculous!!!
Chelee ( Washington )


LET'S FACE IT. The beauty industry has long since used beef fat in their products. Check out the ingredient list on any skin care products ( Dove, Ivory, Jeurgens & Phisoderm to name a few ) & you'll find ingredients like 'stearic acid', ‘tallow’ & 'sodium tallowate' - that's beef fat. It’s used for it’s excellent hydration properties keeping skin moisturized without suffocating the skin’s barrier. Beef fat is also naturally packed full of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K - no plant product naturally contains this same balanced combination of vitamins. Beef fat is an excellent source for skin care so why use terms in the ingredient list we don’t understand? Sourcing. Where are these companies purchasing their beef fat? Is it packed full of antibiotics, steroids and added hormones? Was the animal healthy & treated humanely? Was the animal raised in a manner that supports the environment like Regenerative Farming? If we are to continue using beef fat then let’s face it & source from farms that do not use antibiotics, steroids nor added hormones – we don’t want that on our skin. Beef Face prefers to Face It.

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