Farm to Product; Grass-Fed, Sustainable, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Skin Care

This is our product.

Beef Face is a whole body moisturizer ( & lip balm! ) using 2 core ingredients: 100% grass-fed beef fat from our own farm & cold-pressed olive oil.


The Beef Face I got (unscented) has been amazing and just last night I used it on a diaper rash that's been there for 2 days and it's seriously GONE!!!
Kaylee ( Oregon )
Beef Face is the only product that worked on my granddaughter who is on medication that severely dries her skin and lips. So thankful I have found this product! Now I need to get more.
Donna ( Washington )
With the weather changing, I've been using Beef Face daily. I'm trying to get on top of the dryness before it gets too bad. This stuff is nothing short of miraculous!!!
Chelee ( Washington )


Beef fat is already in your cosmetics, it's called Stearic Acid. Let's make sure we use beef fat from animals that were treated humanely using zero antibiotics, no steroids nor added hormones. We don't use 'hiding' words and want you to know exactly what's in our product - we want it 'in your face' - it's beef fat folks.