Beef Face 

Ingredients: Grass-fed beef fat, cold-pressed olive oil, essential oils

Grass-fed moisturizer using 100% grass-fed beef fat from our own family farm. This body balm has only 3 non-toxic ingredients: beef fat, olive oil and essential oils. Made in USA.

Why Beef Face?

  1. Quality ingredients. Superior ingredients that don’t include fillers, alcohol nor water. Our beef fat is grown right here on our farm – it contains zero antibiotics, no hormones nor steroids = toxic free body balm. In addition, less is needed because it’s full of all the good stuff that actually work. Animal sources of ‘Stearic Acid’ or ‘Stearates’ are currently being used in most lotion, balms & cosmetics. These are saturated fatty acids from animal fats – what you don’t know is if that animal was healthy, were they pumped full of antibiotics/hormones/steroids? Know where your ingredients come from.
  2. Humanely raised animals. We use the utmost respect towards all of our animals. They are raised outside in fresh air & in the sun.
  3. Supports the environment through regenerative farming practices. We aim to rebuild the land through improving & revitalizing soil health. Without soil health the grass our animals eat will be void of nutrients. Healthy soil also absorbs & retains water so if ever a drought hits our animals will remain in great health.

If your current skin care routine doesn’t see the big picture maybe its time to #bethechange.

Ready to buy?

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