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What are the ingredients in BEEF FACE?

  • THREE INGREDIENTS! Beef Fat ( from our very own cows) Organic, Cold Pressed Olive Oil  ( from California ) & KID SAFE Essential Oils

Why beef fat for skin care?

  • It’s what they used back in the day! Beef fat ( aka tallow ) is exactly what our ancestors used on their skin prior to our current commercial skin products ( many contain petroleum and synthetic vitamins.)
  • Y’all. Beef Fat is naturally loaded with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K & E – these lil gems help promote healthy skin ( & is perfect for that Tattoo Aftercare! ) and natural healing. Eczema & psoriasis can be painful, some folks have used Beef Face & have found relief from these chronic conditions. Lara Neiffer found that after using Beef Face her keratosis pilaris went away completely!
  • Beef Fat is similar to our own skin! The structure of our cell membranes are made up of about 50% saturated fat  – which is about the same percentage of Beef Fat thus making the product sink into our skin instead of sitting on top. This is also why BEEF FACE doesn’t have that greasy feeling & it absorbs quickly.

Where does the Beef Fat come from?

  • OUR FARM! Our Beef Fat comes from our humanely raised animals. They receive zero antibiotics, no steroids nor hormones and are 100% grass- fed and finished cows.  The nutritional profile of grass-finished cows is much higher than those that are not grass-finished. They’re healthy animals! And because they’re healthy, they’re fat is healthy too.

Why add olive oil?

  • PHENOLIC ANTIOXIDANTS! – Y’all. If you need to know one thing about olive oil – it’s this: Phenolic Antioxidants! These beauties increase our amount of Nrf2 – ok. what’s that? Nrf2 it’s short for nuclear factor erythroid -2 factor 2 -whew! you get all that?? In short, it does many things ( Google that puppy!) like detoxifies the body of molecules that can be toxic and reduces bad oxidation of molecules that can lead to mutations to name a few. To sum up – because olive oil has a a high phenolic content it helps Nrf2 do its job – bam!

How long will BEEF FACE last?

  • We do not use preservatives – this means it will not stay shelf stable forever. If you are not currently using it, keep it in the refrigerator as it’ll stay fresh longer. Always keep the lid on BEEF FACE to prevent oxidation.

Does it melt?

  • YES! Beef Fat will melt  – think coconut oil. Use caution when opening if kept in the car or on a hot day. If it does melt, just toss it in the refrigerator and it’ll solidify once again. Melting does not destroy it’s effectiveness as Beef Fat has a super high smoking point.

Is BEEF FACE safe for kids?

  • YES –  We use Plant Therapy Kid Safe essential oils ( ages 2-10). For babies – use our unscented balm ( it’s excellent for a diaper rash).

When will I see a difference?

  • It’s important to use consistency & routine when beginning a new skin care regimen. It can take time to appreciate the changes but if done consistency you will see noticeable improvement in almost all skin.

Does it smell like beef fat?

  • Well. It’s beef fat so yes, there’s a hint of that beef fat smell it’s distinctive but not offensive 🙂 BUT! using essential oils helps mask the smell. Some folks pick up on that beef fat smell better than others 🙂 We will tell you this –  there is not a lingering beef fat smell, BEEF FACE sinks in quickly.

Ready to buy?

  • 2 oz = $15 each
  • 1 oz = $8 each

Shipping 1 container via USPS = $3.50

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