Join us at the Farm Crawl June 17, 2023

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May 5, 2023


Are you curious about how your food is grown and raised? Do you want to learn more about regenerative agriculture and its benefits? Then come join us on June 17 for the Farm Crawl, where you can tour our farm and meet other farmers in the area as well!

During the event, you'll get a chance to see our brand new butcher shop - we've been working really hard getting this open - we're almost done! You'll also visit our compost casa, where we turn three types of waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for our pasture. And of course, you'll get to meet our cows, chickens, pigs, and emus, and learn about how we raise them in a way that benefits both the animals and the environment.

But that's not all – there are several other farms to join us for the day. You'll have the opportunity to visit their farms & see their operations in action as well. 

So mark your calendars for June 17 - we can't wait to see you!

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Dear friends and supporters of our regenerative ranch,As we come to the end of another year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we've accomplished and express our gratitude for your support.It's been a great year for our ranch, and we've had the opportunity to make some exciting improvements. Thanks to the generosity of two grants that we received, we were able to expand our hoop house from about 600 sq feet to a whopping 3000 sq feet, this has allowed us to increase our compost production and grow even more nutrient-rich grass for our animals.Additionally, we were awarded a grant to build a butcher shop on our property, and we're happy to report that the building is now onsite. We are currently working on the plumbing, electrical, and flooring, and we're looking forward to purchasing all of the necessary equipment. Our goal is to open the shop by the end of spring 2023, so stay tuned for an announcement about the grand opening.We are so grateful for all of the support that we've received from our customers who have purchased our beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. Your support of small family farms like ours is truly appreciated, and we couldn't do it without you.Thank you again for your support, and we wish you a happy and healthy new year. ~Neiffer Ranch

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