We have a new website with an online store!  Please go here to place your order.  Drop of in Richland is January 19th!

Note – There are no memberships and no minimum order amount required for our Buying Club.  All of our meats are frozen.  Unless otherwise noted, most of our products come in approximately 1 pound packages.

Currently the Richland, WA drop off occurs on the third Saturday of each month.

Our November drop off will occur at noon on Saturday the 17th.  The location is highlighted below- in the far southeast corner of the Uptown Shopping Center parking lot adjacent to Denny’s (1307 George Washington Way Richland, WA 99354).


Below is a list of what we are offering this month.

Grass Finished Beef
– Ground Beef ($6.50 per pound)
– Stew Meat ($6.50 per pound)
– Ground Sirloin ($7.50 per pound)
– Rib Steak (12.99/lb) (Generally 1.25 – 2 lb packages)
– T Bone Steak (12.99/lb) (1.25 – 2 lb packages)
– Tenderloin Steak (18.49/lb) (.5 – 1 lb packages)
– Skirt Steak ($9.99/lb) limited supply
Flat Iron Steak ($9.99/lb) limited supply
– 7 Bone Chuck Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Boneless Chuck Roast ($8.75/lb) (2 – 3 lbs)
– Pot Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Sirloin Tip Roast ($8.75/lb) (4 – 5 lbs)
– Rump Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Tri Tip Roast ($9.99/lb) (1 – 2 lbs) limited supply

– Brisket ($8.75/lb) (3 – 7 lbs)
– Short Ribs ($4.99/lb) (~ 2 lb pkgs)
– Heart ($2.99/lb) (2+ lbs)
– Bones (2.50/lb) (3- 7 lbs)
– Liver ($2.99/lb)
– Tongue ($4.99/lb) (pkg size varies)
– Peppered Jerky ($6.00 per quarter pound)
– Try our new line of 100% grass-fed Skin Care BEEF FACE. New! ($8 for 1 oz, $15 for 2 oz) It’s a whole body moisturizer made from Neiffer Ranch beef fat, cold-pressed olive oil, and therapeutic grade essential oils. Excellent for dry, cracked skin, eczema & psoriasis. More info here 

*Roasts are typically 2 to 4 lbs, unless otherwise noted

1/2 Beef, 1/2 Pork mixed sausages
– Garlic Links ($8.50/lb)
– Ground Garlic ($7.50/lb)
– Applewood Links ($9/lb)
– Mesquite Links ($9/lb)
*4 Links per pack

Farm Raised Pork
– Ground Pork ($6/lb)
– Breakfast Sausage ($7/lb)
– Breakfast Sausage Links ($8.50/lb)
– Bratwurst Links ($8.50/lb)
– Pork Chops ($6.99/lb)
– Shoulder Arm Roast ($5.99/lb)
– Spare Ribs ($5.49/lb)
– Country Style Ribs ($5.49/lb)
– Bacon ($8.49/lb)

Pasture Raised Chicken
– Whole Chickens ($5.49/lb) (3 to 5 lbs)
– Drumsticks ($6.49/lb)
– Backs ($2.50/lb) (3 to 5 lbs)
– Necks ($1.99/lb) (2 to 4 lbs)
– Liver ($3.99/lb)
– Hearts ($3.99/lb)

Pasture Raised Eggs
More info on our eggs here
-Sold out for November buying club-


STEP 1: Determine the products your desire along with approximate quantities and send us an email to place your order. You may call or text 541.371.7264 instead if you prefer.

STEP 2: We will reply back confirming your order. We will be filling orders on a  first requested, first served basis.  If we run out a particular product and are unable to fill your request we will inform you as soon as possible.

STEP 3: Meet us at 1307 GW Way. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, or card. That’s it!

Please submit your order by 10 AM on Friday, November 16th.
Thank you!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 541.371.7264 or email

5 thoughts on “BUYING CLUB – TRI CITIES

  1. Hi – I talked to the folks at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago. They said I might be able to get 6-7 briskets in the July 15th buying club. Would that be possible?

    Paul Skilton

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