Drop off day is May 12th at 10 am

Note – There are no memberships and no minimum order amount required for our Buying Club.  All of our meats are frozen.

The buying club drop off in Vancouver, WA typically occurs on 2nd Saturday of the month at CFV.  Day of the month may vary sometimes due to scheduling conflicts.

Below is a list of what we are offering this month.

Grass Finished Beef
– Ground Beef ($6.00 per pound)
– Ground Sirloin ($7.50/lb)
– T-bone Steak (11.99/lb) (Generally 1.5-2 lb packages) limited supply
– Tenderloin Steak ($17.99/lb) (.5 to 1.25 lb packages)
– Bones ($2.50/lb) (Generally 5 to 7 lb packages)
– 7 Bone Chuck Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Boneless Chuck Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Rump Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Sirloin Tip Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Pot Roast ($8.75/lb)
– Liver ($2.99/lb)
– Tongue ($4.99/lb)
– Summer Sausage ($13.99/lb)
– Mild Pepperoni ($18/lb)
– Peppered Jerky ($5.00 per quarter pound)
– Teriyaki Jerky ($5.00 per quarter pound)
– Short Ribs ($4.99/lb) 
Tallow  ($6/ lb) (All packages are under 1 lb each) for making soap, candles & tallow balm

*Roasts are typically 2 to 4 lbs, unless otherwise noted

1/2 Beef, 1/2 Pork mixed sausages
– Garlic Links ($8/lb)
– Applewood Links ($8/lb)
– Mesquite Links ($8/lb)

Farm Raised Pork
– Bratwurst ($8/lb)
– Ground Pork ($6/lb)
– Pork Chops ($5.99/lb)
– Boston Butt Roast ($5.99/lb)
– Shoulder Arm Roast ($5.99/lb)
– Spare Ribs ($5.49/lb)
– Country Style Ribs ($5.49/lb)
– Bacon ($7.99/lb)
– Bacon Ends ($6.99/lb)
Canadian Bacon ($8.50/lb)
– Bones ($2.00/lb)
– Breakfast Sausage ($7.00/lb)
– Hearts ($2/lb)

Pasture Raised Eggs
More info on our eggs here
– $6.50/dozen
– Pullet (small) Eggs ($5/dozen)

Pasture Raised Chicken
– Accepting pre-orders for June now.  Please see info here.


STEP 1: Determine the product(s) you desire and send us an email to place your order. You may call or text mailto:grassfedfamily@gmail.com541.371.7264 instead if you prefer.  Please submit your order by Friday, May 12th at 10 am.

STEP 2: We will reply back confirming your order. We will be filling orders on a  first requested, first served basis.  If we run out a particular product and are unable to fill your request we will inform you as soon as possible.

STEP 3: Meet us at CrossFit Fort Vancouver at 10am on May 12th.   Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check or card.

That’s it!

Thank you!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 541.371.7264 or email