How do you pronounce Neiffer?  Knife – er

What products are available? We have grass-finished beef, pastured poultry & farm raised hogs.

Are farm tours available? Yes! Because we are a working farm though we like to set one date for the summer to get folks out here. We will announce that date on our Facebook page & on here as well so keep checking back! We’d love to show you around.

Are whole/ half/ quarter cows available? You bet. Purchasing a half or quarter cow is encouraged! You do not need to ‘go in’ with other folks – we’ll sell the other half/quarters for ya! Give us a shout for more information – call 541.371.7264 ( call or text ) or email grassfedfamily@gmail.com

How much freezer space will I need  if I buy a Whole/ Half/ Quarter cow?  Quarter Beef: 3.5 cubic ft –  Half Beef: 7 cubic ft  -Whole Beef: 14 cubic ft

Are any of the animals given antibiotics or growth hormones?  No way!

Non-GMO? Corn? Soy free??  Our beef is never feed grain.  Our poultry are 100% corn free & soy free – plus our grass/Alfalfa is Non-GMO.

HOGS: Our pigs are fed an unmedicated 16% protein hog grower, supplemented with same day left overs from our local elementary school as well as unsalable bread.  Therefore we do not advertise them as non-gmo.

Can ya ship it to me?  Nope. We don’t ship. We encourage you to find a local source.

What do you mean by grass-fed beef? We mean 100% grass-fed & grass finished. Our cows come directly off grass then to slaughter.

What breed of cow do you raise? Primarily Angus, however we do have a few angus cross as well.

Is the meat USDA inspected? Yep. Our beef & pork are certified USDA inspected cut/wrapped. Our chicken is butchered in a certified facility in both Washington & Oregon.


10 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Good Morning,

    I am inquiring on purchasing a quater or half a cow. Just wondering when one is available and the cost?

    Thank you

  2. I’ve been searching for a source for Grass Fed/non GMO/No grain ever/humanely raised/happy healthy cows….. My daughter in law is friends with your Lauren! How convenient! A source I can trust! How do I order? Where do I pick it up? I’m sold!
    Susie Huckvale
    P.S. Oh, prices and recommended packages for newbies please! Regardless, I will be buying from you !!! :)just direct me on what to do!

      • Just checking in and hoping to be able to place an order soon 🙂 Just need to know what you would recommend for a first timer and how it works. I want to buy 1/4 of a cow. Thanks!

        Susie Huckvale
        Camas, WA

  3. I’ve purchased ground beef from Adam at CFV and love it, now I’m looking for dog bones for my puppy. She’s a large Mastiff so they need to be decent size bones. Do you have those, and if so, what is the cost?

    Thank you,

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