BaBuying Meat in Bulk – Whole/ Half/ Quarter Cows ( available June – November )

 Purchase at these locations:

  • Local Pumpkin (home delivery) Pasco, WA Local Pumpkin
  • Ione Market – Ione, OR
  • 3 Buying Clubs – Vancouver, WA ..  Walla Walla, WA  .. Tri Cities, WA
  • Blue Mountain Station – Dayton, WA Blue Mountain Station

Farmers Markets (June thru Oct)

  • Walla Walla Farmers Market – Walla Walla, WA on Saturdays, 9am – 1pm
  • Richland Farmers Market – Richland, WA on Fridays, 9am – 1pm



  1. Peggy and I would be interested in information concerning buying a side of beef. (Cutting, wrapping, freezing, delivery, shipping & cost)

  2. Morning Neiffer family,
    My wife and I love range fed beef. Recent problem with our last half is not clear to us. Bottom line is she didn’t like it and I don’t want to buy something she’s not happy with. Can you help define for us what a good aging and curing process is so we can enjoy our next side of beef? Even better, is there a place we can taste the difference?

    • Hey Tom & Wife 🙂

      Great question! Man. There is just so much that goes into answering this so if you’ve got further questions after reading it over – let us know.
      A few things to consider when purchasing in bulk are:
      *what kind of shape the cow’s in prior to slaughter – is she a thin critter or is there some meat on her bones?
      *time of year it’s butchered – Sept/Oct & a bit o’ Nov are a great time of year to butcher as they’ve been eating great looking grass all spring/summer
      *what are they eating? how are they finished? – some ‘range fed beef’ are still finished on grain & that will change the way she tastes because the fat content will differ tremendously
      *breed of the cow – if you buy a dairy cow vs an angus cow you’ll taste the difference – we have primarily angus & angus cross breeds of cattle
      *is the animal dry aged (hung for 3 wks at the butcher?) – we dry age our critters for 21 days, however, not all critters have enough fat on ’em so it dries ’em out even further creating a tough product. hopefully, ya got a butcher that can give you a heads up & tell you to make jerky or pepperoni outta that gal instead of selling her as a half cow, etc.

      Why didn’t she like the beef? too fatty? too tough? texture?
      Your right! If you can find a farmer that sells by the pound, like we do 🙂 your best bet is to try it out first to see if it’s a good fit for y’all. Where are you located?

      • We live in Kennewick. I would say that if given the opportunity to try an array of timely hung, fed (feed vs grass vs grain) would be a real benefit. This part of the country prides itself on taste testing fine wine but if you guys would give me the opportunity to taste test beef, I’ll make the trip in heart beat.

      • Hey Tom! Looks like we’ll be at the NW Regional Food Hub, located in Richland, in February sometime. We sell our grass-fed beef there so feel free to snag some and/or come see us for sure. The date hasn’t been confirmed but it’ll probably be Feb 8th.

    • Thanks Josh! We should get a location in Seattle – great idea! We’ll see what our future looks like but at this time we encourage folks to check out their local farms. Don’t forget to come see us when you’re in the area – we’d love to show you around 🙂

  3. Hello! Wondering if you have garlic and hickory cheese sausage links available yet?? We always buy at the farmers market in richland, but wondering if we could get some any sooner?


  4. Hi Jordan! We do not have garlic or hickory currently. Probably 2 months out on the garlic. We do have a little mesquite cheese, available at our buying club on Feb 17th. We will continue delivering to the buying club drops in Richland the 3rd Friday of each month. We’ll let you know when we have garlic sausage back in stock!

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