April Buying Club and a brief update of happenings on the farm

The Buying Club drop for April will occur on the 21st!  See more info here.

Spring is a busy time of year.  With all the moisture over the winter and spring so far, the cattle are enjoying the best early season range that we have seen in years.  Typically we run our cattle “in the hills”, on large plots of non-irrigated land from April until June.

This seasons crop of hogs are shaping up nicely.  We took our first batch to the butcher in March, and will continue to do so over the coming months.  If you are interested in a bulk order (1/2 or whole hog), now would be a good time to get that in!

We are now ready to offer eggs for sale!  Our hens are pastured, and fed a corn free/soy free non-GMO ration.  They are protected from predators by electric fence netting, which we move to a fresh piece of ground every 3 days.  So far they seem to be love it!

We’re also excited about our first batch meat chickens (Cornish Cross).  They are kept in chicken tractors and moved daily.  These will be ready in time for the Richland Farmer’s Market.