Lip Conditioner - Pork Face

Lip Conditioner - Pork Face

Price is for (1) Pork Lip Conditoner

A great lip conditioner is like a big hug for your lips! Made with nourishing ingredients from our own pastures, this lip balm will keep your pout feeling soft & smooth. Whether your're rocking a bold lip color or going au naturel, this conditioning treatment will have your lips looking and feeling their best. 

Not only is our lip conditioner good for your lips, it's also good for the environment. By sourcing our pork fat from our own ranch, we know our practices support regenerative agriculture and supports sustainable farming practices.

ZERO chemicals here! Just good 'ol fashioned super moisturizing pork. Pork fat, in particular,  is rich in vitamins A,D, E & K:

Vitamin A is known to even out skin tone. Vitamin D is proven to repair signs of aging. Vitamin E is shown to protect skin against sun damage. Vitamin K is demonstrated to accelerate skin healing.

-Dry hands too? Use it for your hands, feet and lips!
-Number one question we get: "Does it smell like pork?" Nope..... but I guarantee your dog will know :)
-Push-up compostable tube


Pastured pork fat, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax