~$1100, Whole Pastured Hog

~$1100, Whole Pastured Hog

 If you're interested in securing one of our pastured whole hogs, please add this to your cart.

Deposit and Pricing Details:

  • Deposit: We do require a deposit. Once you add this item to your cart, we will send you an invoice for the deposit.
  • Deposit Amount: $100.
  • Total Price: The total cost for a whole hog is approximately $1,150. This is calculated based on the hanging weight at $3.50 per lb (typically about 200 lbs) plus processing fees.
  • Final Payment: The remaining balance will be due at the time of meat delivery.

Delivery Timeline: Please note that due to the current waitlist, the estimated delivery for your whole hog will be around mid-March to April. We appreciate your patience and are committed to providing you with the highest quality meat.

We thank you for supporting our regenerative agriculture practices.