Details for customers new to our Buying Club

November 14, 2020

Thank you for choosing to purchase from Neiffer Ranch.  In Richland, our buying club  occurs the third Saturday of each month   We offer all the same products that are available at the famers market.  There is no minimum order amount or obligation to purchase.

The exact location of the drop off is found here:

Pickup time is at noon.  Your order will be pre-assembled so you’ll be in & out in just a few minutes.  We  generally are complete with all customers by about 12:15.

To order, you must create a profile on the site. It will prompt you for login credentials similar to many webstores. 

The webstore will give you an estimated total cost.  We try to overestimate slightly, but the final cost will be determined by the exact package weights.  We will send a Square invoice that can be paid by credit/debit card the night before the drop off.  However, you are also welcome to use cash, card, or check at the drop point itself on Saturday.

We run the buying club as a "drive thru".  Please approach our red tent from the North side as indicated on the snip below.



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