Beef Face - 1 oz Lemongrass Body Balm

Beef Face - 1 oz Lemongrass Body Balm

1 oz
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Beef Face is a whole body moisturizer using 3
non-toxic, quality ingredients: 100% grass-fed beef fat ( aka tallow ),
cold-pressed olive oil & Lemongrass essential oil.

***For dry, cracked, bumpy, calloused, chapped or sensitive skin.
**100% grass-fed beef fat naturally contains vitamins
A, D, E & K - this will feed your skin! Your body will know exactly
what to do with it because our skin cells have the same cell structure
which makes beef fat ideal for nourishing & healing. Grass-fed beef
fat also has anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory characteristics.

***We protect the environment. We do this thru using
Regenerative Farming practices when raising our humanely raised
cattle.We only use 100% grass-fed beef fat from farms (like our very own
Neiffer Ranch) that use their pasture as a sink for greenhouse gases.
Manure composts directly in the pasture. Healthy pasture = clean water,
soil & air. This isn't happening with conventional agriculture.
Welcome to regenerative agriculture. Welcome to Beef Face.

***Testimonial "Beef Face is the only product that has
worked for my granddaughter who is on medication that severley dries her
skin & lips. So thankful to have found this product! Now I need to
get more."


Grass-Finished Beef Fat, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil & Lemongrass Essential Oil