Lip Balm, Peppermint - Excellent Wind Protection

Lip Balm, Peppermint - Excellent Wind Protection

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MOISTURIZING: Beef fat has been used for over 100 years on skin due to its ultra moisturizing properties. Naturally rich in vitamins A, D, K & E beef fat is intrinsically balanced by nature.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Compostable, push up tube & eco-friendly packaging

SUPPORTS THE ENVIRONMENT: This is made with our very own beef fat! It supports the environment because we use regenerative farming practices; increase biodiversity, enriches soil, enhances ecosystem & increases water retention.

ALL NATURAL: Zero parabens, petroleum, alcohol nor chemicals. All ingredients are pronouncable. Made on a farm, not in a lab.


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100% grass-fed beef fat, cold-pressed olive oil, shea butter, beeswax, carnauba wax, peppermint essential oil