Half Beef

Half Beef

$200 deposit required
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The $1350 figure is a quote base on our average sized animal.

Bulk beef orders are customizable - you will place Cutting Instructions with us. If you've never done this - no worries - we'll walk you through it. You can decide package size, type of cut, what kind of steaks, etc.

We charge the following based on animal hanging weight:

Quarter $4.75/lb     Half $4.50/lb     Whole $4.25/lb

DEPOSITS Make all checks out to:

Neiffer Ranch

Contact: Jake Neiffer 5411-371-7264 grassfedfamily@gmail.com

*Quarter is $100, half is $200, and a Whole is $400.

Please bring deposit to Farmers Market or a Buying Club drop off.

Alternatively, mail a check to:

Neiffer Ranch, 67795 McNab Lane Ione, OR 97843.

 Buying in bulk offers a significant savings- typically 10 to 15% on a half.