Kids Body Balm - eczema, psoriasis

Kids Body Balm - eczema, psoriasis

by Neiffer Ranch - 2 oz
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*Beef Face is a whole body moisturizer using 3 non-toxic, quality ingredients: 100% grass-fed beef fat ( aka tallow ), cold-pressed olive oil & essential oils: Lavender, Copaiba oleoresin, Palmarosa, Lemon, Frankincense carteri, Helichrysum italcum

*100% grass-fed beef fat naturally contains vitamins A, D, K & E - the powerhouse of skin care.

*For dry, cracked, bumpy, calloused, chapped or sensitive skin.

*We protect the environment. We do this thru using Regenerative Farming practices when raising our humanely raised cattle.We only use 100% grass-fed beef fat from farms (like our very own Neiffer Ranch) that use their pasture as a sink for greenhouse gases. Manure composts directly in the pasture. Healthy pasture = clean water, soil & air. This isn't happening with conventional agriculture. Welcome to regenerative agriculture. Welcome to Beef Face.

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Here's a recent review:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Truly Amazing results from one of America's Great Family Farms
December 6, 2018
This Balm is the solution to dry skin, on hands, neck, face and especially dry cracked feet. In the last 6 months my skin has gone from dry and wrinkly to radiant and luminescent. Apply to your feet during the summer to get beautiful beach feet. During the colder months I apply to my dry cracked feet and sleep with cotton socks. In the morning my feet are soft and stay that way for days.This product is produced by a multi-generation family farm practicing sustainable and responsible farming. Give it a try and support our farming families, you won't be disappointed.


100% grass-fed beef fat, cold-pressed olive oil & essential oils: lavender, copaiba oleoresin, palmarosa, lemon, frankincense carter, helichrysum italicum